Technological Operations

Manipulation with and Lumbering of Sawn Timber

FEZER Vacuum Manipulator, type VPL
Hydraulic lifting platform and
FEZER Vacuum Manipulator, type VPL.

Manipulation with and lumbering of sawn timber is a technological operation where the dimension of the final product is designed on the surface of delivered boards with regard to the maximum utilization of the wood matter. The board is lumbered and each wooden block gets its own address for the following processing. In this way the utilization percentage can be increased by many percent.

Machinery Equipment of the Workplace:

  • Hydraulic lifting platform.
  • FEZER vacuum manipulator, type VPL.
  • UKS-700 AUTOMAT cross-cutting saw.

UKS-700 Cross-Cutting Saw

UKS-700 Cross-Cutting Saw
UKS-700 Cross-Cutting Saw.

The UKS-700 cross-cutting saw is earmarked for lumbering sharply cut boards, i.e. material which requires a large cutting diagram. The saw can also be made full use of for lumbering scantlings or for further processing of the rests of prisms. The apparatus consists of a cross-cutting saw located under the table and tray rolls located on the input and output.


Hydraulic Lifting Platform

Up to the weight of 2,000 kg, the apparatus is controlled electrically.


FEZER Vacuum Manipulator, type VPL

The apparatus is used for lifting boards up to the weight of 80 kg.

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