Technological Operations

Trimming and Re-Sawing of Wooden Blocks

FLS 170 Single-Disc Ripsaw

FLS 170 Single-Disc Ripsaw
  • High speed and accuracy of individual cuts.
  • Pinpointing of the cut by means of a line laser.
  • High degree of flexibility, possibility of cutting askew.
  • Operation simplicity, controlled by a single worker..
  • Increased yield and valorisation of the wood matter.

Modern technology of processing massive wood using the FLS-170 single-disc ripsaw significantly increases the yield and improves the quality of the wood matter. High emphasis put on the cut quality and operation simplicity is a matter of course.

The input materials can be trimmed, re-sawn and formatted, there is also a possibility to produce wooden blocks and lamellas. It is also possible to cut askew and bevel. The advantage of the machine is its high speed and accuracy of individual cuts and a high level of flexibility of input and output dimensions of the processed material. The saw is operated by one worker only, increasing the yield by as much as 15%!!!


TOS Single-Shaft Disc Ripsaw, Type PWR 201

  • Efficient and reliable apparatus.
  • Accuracy of individual cuts.
  • Pinpointing of the cut by means of a line laser.


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