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Cutting of Thin Lamellas

Thin-Cutting Frame Saws

Thin-Cutting Frame Saws - NEVA

The ORBIT 250 PLUS thin-cutting frame saw.
  • type ORBIT 250 PLUS
  • type CLASSIC 200

Thin-cutting frame saws are earmarked for economical cutting of thin lamellas out of all kinds of tree species. The basic asset is a very small saw kerf, the accuracy of the thickness of lamellas up to ±0.1 mm and a high quality of the surface suitable for gluing.

  • Accurate and economical deep cutting.
  • Saw kerf 1.25 mm.
  • Accuracy of the thickness of lamellas up to ±0.1 mm.
  • Surface suitable for gluing.
  • Width of the cut lamellas up to 250 mm.

If compared with disc or band saws, we can achieve the saving of the wood matter in the amount of 20 ľ 50%.

NEVA - TRADE, s.r.o.

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