Some Facts about our Firm

Timber processing ľ is a firm run by Mr LÚon Wlotzko, the enterprise was established in 2005 and the firm specializes in secondary processing of hard wood.

The main products are precisely cut, thin lamellas meant for surface layers of wood veneered floors and massive oak parquets. A full use of modern woodworking machines on a high technological level and a team of skilled workers give each product a guarantee of accuracy and high-quality woodworking.

As far as the used technology is concerned, our firm ranks among the leading enterprises in the Czech Republic with a guarantee of reliability and with a large volume of production.

We purchase sawn timber both dried and wet, the wet sawn timber being dried in our own drying kiln.

Sawn timber is processed in technologically interconnected production centres, in which manipulation and lumbering are main operations leading to an efficient and maximum valorisation of wood matter. Each board is evaluated by means of templates and then a detailed drawing is made according to the dimensions of the produced assortment. Afterwards the planks are cut into lengths while the dimension of further working is marked.

The main technological operations are done with thin-cutting frame saws, which are earmarked for economical cutting of thin lamellas out of all kinds of tree species. The basic asset is a very small saw kerf, the width accuracy of lamellas being as high as ±0.1 mm. Another great advantage is a high quality of the surface which is thus suitable for gluing.


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